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I offer a variety of services. I will attempt to list some here, and briefly explain what they entail.

  • PC Troubleshooting-- is your computer bogging down? having weird issues? messing up? I will come diagnose your PC for any hardware issues, viruses or spyware, and attempt to fix anything broken, clean any infections, recommend some helpful software, and if necessary i can completely reinstall your system (you will need the setup CDs that came with your system, and preferably some blank CDs for backing up your old files). I will explain everything on-site, and get your consent before doing anything permanent.

  • Upgrades-- need more memory? want to burn DVD's? add a new hard drive? I will consult with you and help you select the best (and least expensive) new hardware you should get. After installation, I will show you anything you need to know to use it properly.

  • Custom-builds-- want a new computer, built YOUR way? tired of hassling with Dell and their cheap plastic parts? I will help you select custom parts from various stores (online or in person), to have shipped to your house, where i will pay another visit and assemble the system for you. You can pick each piece you want, or i can recommend things, all depending on what price range you want.

  • DVD Authoring-- do you have a VHS recording (i.e. a wedding) sitting around gathering dust? You should consider committing it to digital format to prevent the natural degradation caused by magnetic tape-- convert it to DVD! I will take your old tape, do a digital transfer into MPEG-2 format, add a menu and chapter stops (if you want), and give you 2 copies on DVD (along with the tape), all for a flat fee (for around an hour of material).

  • Home Network-- do you have high-speed internet (i.e. DSL or cable modem)? If you have multiple computers (maybe the kids have their own, or maybe you have an old one that you'd like to put back into use), they can all share the same internet connection, and even talk to each other to share files. I have the equipment needed to set up an in-home network (wired or wireless, or a combination of both) for you.

  • Web Authoring-- If you need a simple website for your small business (such as this one), I can either provide one for you or provide you with the tools and information you need to best select a fancier web-design. For another example of the type of webdesign I can do, check out the (very similar) website for Vance Mental Health Services, a private-practice mental health provder which recently opened in Waldorf, Maryland.

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